6, May 2016

Claudio Ranieri didnt Lost his Grace

A poor decision by referee hindered Leicester City from taking their points’ advantage in double digits in Premiership on Sunday, but, still, Claudio Ranieri did not lose his grace.

It’s not an easy time to keep the patience for somebody in Ranieri’s position especially while being on the receiving end of the wrong decisions.

The Italy native has put his blood, sweat and tears to convert a dream into actuality, but, every point lost from here threatens for that dream to remain a dream only.

However, Ranieri reckons since he is a coach, what falls under his jurisdiction is to see how his players are going and that’s what he does rather than to keep an eye on the match officials and prepare a report card of their decision making.
As per Ranieri, the decisions are made in front of everyone and people watch everything from different angles on their television screens and they can realize themselves what is right and what is wrong.

However, providing his own point of view, Ranieri said that Vardy, who was sent off the pitch, doesn’t indulge himself in diving at all. It’s just that his speed of moving on the ground is pretty high and with that sort of speed, even if a slight contact is made, it straightaway comes under the scanner.

Ranieri also stressed that the ambition, which this journey of Leicester had started with, was to try and get enough points to avoid slipping to the second division. They never saw themselves as trophy contenders. So, the panic is not there as to what happens if they fall down from the top. If it happens and if another side, be it the Spurs or the Gunners or anyone, is better, they would be crowned champions.