28, April 2017

Craig Shakespeare Opens up on the Exit of Claudio Ranieri

Craig Shakespeare has dismissed suggestions that he was one of the reasons for Claudio Ranieri to leave the club a few months ago.

After having won the Premier League title against all odds, Ranieri was sacked midway through the campaign with the club struggling in the drop zone. Shakespeare was appointed on a caretaker basis and he was appointed on an interim basis after a couple of matches. He has managed to win six matches and help the club go near the top half of the table in the space of a few weeks. Incidentally, Leicester City started performing well immediately after the exit of Ranieri.

The Italian was a much loved figure at Leicester City and indeed across the world. He managed to get the club, who were favourites for relegation last season, to win the title against all the odds. They managed to beat the likes of Manchester City, Chelsea, Arsenal, Liverpool, and Tottenham in order to win the title.

All these clubs had significantly bigger budgets than Leicester City and the quality was also different with regard to the players. Ranieri will forever remembered as the greatest manager in the history of the club. Shakespeare claims that he was not one of the names who backstabbed the Italian, who is now out of work.

“I’m quite comfortable with my own conscience, so I can’t do anything about that.I was at the Under-23s last night but I have been filled in about it [the interview with Ranieri.I have seen clips of it. I think Claudio was in good humour and came across as I know him, but from my first interview, I spoke to him and he thanked me for my time. I thanked him and there has never been any falling out. It’s football and I’m glad to see that he is enjoying his football again,” said Shakespeare.