16, July 2015

Leicester City’s Ritchie de Laet uncovers the importance of Gary Neville in his career

Ritchie de Laet performed in Old Trafford from 2008 until 2011 before being offloaded to Leicester City. In this period of time, Ritchie de Laet made a grand total of 3 appearances for the Premier League club as the Belgium could never snatch a regular spot in Manchester United but his career has reignited after he moved away from the club.

When Ritchie de Laet made his move to Leicester City, the defender immediately turned into a player who managed to snatch a regular spot in the team and even helped Leicester City in getting into the playoffs of the 2012-13 Championship League.’

The 26 year old defender is now being viewed as an attractive summer target with many clubs of the English Championship League hoping to sign Ritchie de Laet but it doesn’t seem like he will leaving Leicester City as it was the club which had faith in him and revived his playing career after it appeared to be lifeless.

Although Ritchie de Laet did not have an influential role at Manchester United, the Belgium defender has revealed that there was something which occurred in Old Trafford which helped him out in his playing career and it involves Gary Neville.

‘’Gary pulled me sometimes after training and had a nice word with me. He was top quality in training. He wanted to win every time he played. That was great to see.You have to learn quickly otherwise you get found out in training, which is not a fun thing if you’re against Ryan Giggs. I had my fair share of nutmegs. NemanjaVidic and Rio Ferdinand were brilliant with me too’’ Former Manchester United player, Ritchie de Laet said.

After a 10 year absence from the Premier League, Leicester City made their return to the top tier English League and finished the previous season by sealing the 14th spot and Ritchie de Laet contributed in this feat but it’s far from over as Ritchie de Laet as well as the rest of his teammates are aiming to land in a higher spot in the next season.