8, August 2017

Ritchie de Laet returns to the pitch after 10 months injured

Ritchie de Laet has had an extremely slow start in his career at Aston Villa after joining on August of 2016 but only being able to make 3 appearances before picking up an injury which left him out of the pitch for around 10 months.

It wasn’t until a few days ago that the Belgian defender confirmed his full recovery and that only recently, he has been able to return to the pitch and actually perform with the rest of his Aston Villa teammates.

The 28 year old player has recently talked about how it has been staying off of the pitch for such a significantly long period of time due to injury and trying to get back in shape.

¨At the moment it feels like everything is going at 100mph on the training pitch but mentally I am there. At first I was the spare man and no-one could tackle me but I binned that straight away because I needed to know. My family helped me get through it and the rest of the boys too. The medical team got me through it, physically and mentally, to where I am now.”

The former Leicester City player confirmed through his social media account, twitter that he is back in form as Ritchie de Laet announced his recovery was completed as he wrote: “Nice to see all the boys back at the training ground today big pre season coming up #utv”.

The return of Ritchie de Laet to the pitch is great news for Aston Villa as they conceded 48 goals in the previous 2016-17 season, the team of Steve Bruce actually allowed more goals in their own net than what they managed to score after only scoring 47 goals in that season.

With Ritchie de Laet coming back to the game and the arrival of the veteran John Terry can be the defensive boost that Aston Villa needs in order to snatch a promotion spot and make a return to the English Premier League which they used to compete in previous years but suffered relegation.