3, October 2014

Ritchie De Laet Unhappy With Treatment At Stoke

Ritchie De Laet did not enjoy the way he got dealt with at Stoke City, but, he says he does not want to show anything to his former employers.

De Laet had been a part of Stoke City for 2 years, but, did not get a single game to play there.

He then got transferred to Old Trafford which came as a surprise for most of the people. He did not play much there either.
De Laet is presently contracted to Leicester City where he has been a regular. He featured for the Foxes the other night against Stoke and did pretty well along with the other fellow defenders to help his team keep a clean sheet. Leicester won that match by 1-0.

In the interview after the game, when De Laet was asked if he was looking to show the Potters how good he is, the 25-year old said, “No, It’s not like that. They never gave me the opportunity. The fans over there are not connected to me. So, there’s not really anything to prove. Obviously, whenever you play against your former team, you don’t want to fail, but, I did not have any extra motivation against them. It’s just another game for me.”

When asked about his time at Stoke, De Laet said, “As I said, I sat outside for almost my entire tenure. So, it was annoying. I had come to England with big hopes and they kept me sidelined for 2 years. Tony was in charge; he bought me, but, surprisingly, never showed faith in me.”

“The scenario at Leicester is quite different from that. The players get fair number of chances and they also have the freedom to express themselves.”

For Leicester City so far, De Laet has played about 80 odd matches.