14, January 2016

Ritchie de Laet’s wants to make an impact for Belgium

The 27 years old Ritchie de Laet defender has never truly managed to stand out with his former club Manchester United and his current side Leicester City. The Belgium player has had to settle with a spot on the sidelines of the English club and things have recently turned even worse for him after picking up an ankle injury.

Ritchie de Laet sustained the injury during a training session with Leicester Cityand this has extended even further the period of time that the Belgium has to stay out of the pitch and worsening his chances of turning into a regular player.

The Belgium defender joined Leicester City back in May of 2012 after being released by Manchester United and Ritchie de Laet was a regular player for the English club as he managed to make 41 appearances in his debut season and in his 2nd season Ritchie de Laet made 36 appearances but as his time in the club has progressed, his role in the team has diminished.

Even with his diminished role in the English club, Ritchie de Laet is hoping that he return to his old ways and get consistent playing time in Leicester City and hopefully get the attention of the staff members of his national team and get a call from them to play for the Belgium side.

Leicester City’s Ritchie de Laet expressed his desire to turn into a prominent and regular player for Belgium as the defender told the media: “I would like to play for Belgium but, if you look at the quality in the squad, you have to play in a big league. I need to be in the Premier League so, hopefully, we will go up and I can keep my right-back spot and see what happens.

“A couple of years ago, I would have got into the Belgiumside. Carl Hoefkens, of Stoke, was playing and he was captain. He got into the national side so I probably would have. But there is a lot of talent now and they all play in big leagues around the world. That is what I need, to go up with Leicester.”