28, July 2014

Soderling Begins Ball Manufacturing

The illness might not be allowing Robin Soderling to feature on the court, but, it has not kept him away from the game, that’s for sure. While, he is not playing, he is busy directing the manufacturing process of the tennis balls. Yes, he has started his own ball manufacturing company named as RS All Court. It has already got the approval of ITF.

The RS All Court balls have not been used in any of the professional tournaments so far. They will be introduced in the Stockholm Open in the 2015 season.

Soderling told the reporters the other day that he’s in touch with the organizers of some of the other ATP competitions too and he hopes that some of them would give his balls a try.

According to Soderling, his ultimate target is to get his balls being used in a Grand Slam tournament.
When asked what prompted him to make his way into this ball manufacturing field, Soderling said, “Some time back, I was asked by a person ‘which tennis ball is of the greatest quality and is the most comfortable to play with?’ I was not able to answer because I hadn’t had any favourite ball and that was the time when this thing (opening a ball making company) came into my mind.”

“When I was on the bed because of the sickness and was not playing, I began giving it a deep thought and finally concluded that I should try my hand at it.”

“Normally, the ball manufacturers don’t get the assistance of the players. They do it on their own by considering the weight and other things. They have no idea of the player’s feel, but, with me being there with them, the player’s perspective will be put in the process too.”