20, July 2016

Steve Walsh reckons Leicester City would emerge as a force

Steve Walsh reckons Leicester City would emerge as a force in the upcoming season too and would not just fade away.

Despite beating the Spurs for the trophy by a fair distance, not many in England are ready to give Leicester their fair due.
The general belief is that the big clubs with new recruitments would come blazing in the summer and for the champions, it would be tough to even stay in the first half of the standings.

But, Walsh banishes such comments. The ex-skipper opines Leicester had been steadily progressing for the last four or five seasons and it’s not that what they achieved came out of the blue and was all about good fortune.

The fact that the Leicester management has been able to keep the association with the superstar Jamie Vardy intact in spite of Arsenal’s efforts to break it, has assured Walsh even more that the Foxes would continue making further steps.
As per Walsh, for Vardy to commit to spend his most vital seasons at Leicester is wonderful.

Although the 51-year old says that a voice somewhere deep inside had been telling him that Vardy wouldn’t go, but, the issue was negotiated perfectly by the club and for that, the board’s cooperation is to be lauded too.

Also, heaping praise on the Leicester scouts who have been excellent in picking talents from different regions and leagues, Walsh has backed them to ensure the team has enough quality to be competitive in the top tier consistently.

Walsh, the Lancashire born defender who is a businessman now, had a long playing tenure at Leicester which concluded in 2000 as he moved on to Norwich.

He did not play for much long after that, retired just a couple of years later.