24, August 2020

Ritchie De Laet Recollects 2016 Promotion Day


Ritchie De Laet, the famous defender from Middlesbrough said that nothing will be able to beat or can be compared to the day in the year 2016 when he won promotion automatically. He was looking forward to the vital qualification decider in the Champions League between Manchester United and Leicester City, two of the old teams for him.

De Laet, who is currently playing for Royal Antwerp, won double medals for spending the campaign’s first quarter with Leicester, the final champions, and the second quarter with Middlesbrough on loan. He said that whoever comes out to be the winner, there is nothing that can beat his double joy that he enjoyed 4 years ago when the Foxes were able to lift the trophy as the Premier League winners and Boro drew the match against Brighton and easily secured the automatic promotion in the major competition.

Ritchie De Laet will never ever forget his last day and it was just crazy. He celebrated promotions with Boro and then for Leicester for which he won the medal. The 31-year-old from Belgium has appeared in 10 matches for Boro after his closing date moved on loan from Leicester City.

Current Royal Antwerp footballer said that he is looking ahead to the future games and he was to choose a winner, it would definitely be Manchester United. He said that he did not expect Ole Gunnar Solskjaer to take charge of Manchester United so quickly, but he is doing a great job at the club.

Ritchie De Laet is quite ambitious about the future of Leicester City. He said it will be massive for Jamie Vardy of Leicester City and a reward for his loyalty that he has shown towards the team after they won the title. He speculated that if there is another crack at the Champions League, it will become a big chance for him.

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